1:1 Private Floral Design Workshop with Lilly Beth Weddings

We are so excited to be launching our blog and sharing all about our most recent one on one workshop! It was a complete blast, and we designed many different arrangements such as a bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, flower crowns, boutonnières, corsages, centerpieces and finishing the workshop with a wedding arch installation. as you can see from the gorgeous photos below, we were so lucky to pull together a styled shoot last minute to utilize all of our beautiful work. Even luckier to have this shoot published on Southern California Bride, what gift! Johanna Meade of Lilly Beth Weddings from Austin, Texas, flew over, to dive into this wedding intensive and it was a wonderful time getting to know her over the two days we spent learning and growing together. Jo and I met through Instagram and connected immediately. Jo expressed how healing floral design had been for her, getting her through some rough patches, a commonality which we bonded over. She shared that she was inspired by my work, had been to other workshops that she was disappointed with, and wanted to experience an intensive one on one workshop with me, hoping to add floral design to her already blooming event planning business! 

I absolutely love to teach and share my experiences and knowledge, and even more I love to learn and grow. Sharing what I know and helping people in any in all aspects of life is just part of who I am, so it only makes sense to open up the plethora of information, experience, and passion I have for floral design and how I have built my successful business with those who may be interested.


 I would say my teaching style is a little overly informative, haha, I share everything I can think would be helpful. Before diving into our design of the day, we touch on a variety of possible mechanics for different styles and vessels. We also discuss color theory and style for different utilizations of the arrangements. I like to show and explain, everything step by step. designing as my student takes notes and asks questions. Then, I let the student attempt it alone with a semi hands-off approach to alleviate the stress of a hovering teacher, while being there to help when they get stuck, or have questions. I also utilize the student while helping them, by seeking their input and asking them where they think a flower should go, or if they see any places that feel empty, any holes, or areas that lack balance. I like to push my students to think for themselves and be a part of the process, even when I step in to help. 


I always love seeing and hearing what part of the workshop my student enjoyed the most. Everyone has a favorite, and Jo’s was definitely the wedding arch installation. We created our install on-site before the shoot. We had plenty of time, but there was a bit of a restraint because of light, and with the nature of a styled shoot, sometimes a time restraint can help push you through over thinking and into creating. I’m not entirely sure this was why Jo liked the installation the most, but I definitely saw the most growth in her during it. 


I find there are so many things you can learn even through teaching. Jo was a wonder, she is such a great learner and I saw so much growth in her in just a couple days. Everyone is  different, and one-on-one workshops are intense at times. It’s interesting when you’re alone with an instructor and yourself, things can get a little overwhelming inside our heads which can make us feel insecure and incapable, but having an instructor help you push through those walls and back into your happy place is everything. It is in those moments when the Ah-ha’s come. 


I also loved seeing Jo’s intuitive talents come out. When we worked on the bouquet together and I asked if she saw holes. or where a flower should go, or what colors were missing or needed where, for balance, she always knew exactly what to do. Those moments were fun! I really admired Jo's ability follow her love for flowers. Jo’s motivation and drive for growth is what got her on a plane for the first time in 10 years, pulled her away from her sick mother, and into my arms to play with flowers, to learn and grow. Jo is a strong, loving, and inspirational woman!


When our team asked Jo what her biggest takeaways were in regards to what she learned, this is what she shared with us: 

“Be confident in yourself first and foremost. Do not be afraid to bridge colors. Use plenty of greens for a lush look, even if it means 4 or 5 different greens. Take pictures with your phone to critique your work and then modify accordingly. Cover your mechanics. Avoid placement of stems on the same plane...add dimension.  Secure your mechanics when you are doing a floral installation. You must ensure that your foam bricks are secure to the structure. It is better, if time allows, to install at the ceremony site to avoid a cookie-cutter stamped look.”

She also shared the impact this had on her, which is so humbling and a sweet honor:

“From a business perspective, I came back to Texas with a better understanding of what it takes to be a floral designer and the work involved. From a creative aspect, I feel it expanded my artistic style and gave me confidence to elevate my designs.  I feel I have already improved!”

This is what workshops are all about, a time to come together and experience all the beauty flowers being into our lives! Moments of challenge are the best part, this is where we grow the most. We packed a lot into a 2 day intensive, and I cannot wait for more workshops to come. 

Stay tuned for more to come! We will be blogging our events, weddings, and workshops- can’t wait to share more with you soon 🌸


Flowers and foliage we worked with

Juliet Garden Roses, Cafe Latte Roses, Golden Mustard Roses, Parrot Tulips, Ranunculus, Flannel Flowers, Cafe Au Lait Dahlias, Fritillaria, Hellebores, Jasmine Vine, Spirea, Lilac, Amaranthus, Curly Petal Gerbera Daisies, Butterfly Ranunculus, Astrantia, Lisianthus, Pieris Japonica, Stock, Sweet Peas, Icelandic Poppy, Spray Roses, Scabiosa, Italian Ruscus, Ivy, Southern Smilax, Umbrella Fern, Seeded Eucalyptus.

Our styled shoot dream team

Photography: @katiejacksonphoto, Planning/Design: @themodernparty,
Florals: @royalbeeflower.co with @lillybethweddings, Catering/Venue: @lobocastleproductions 
Rentals: @premiere_rents, Specialty Rentals: @partypleasers, Cake: @frostitcakery, Bridal Gown: @camarillobridalboutique @maggiesotterodesigns, HMUA: @BeautybyMelina, Linens: @luxe_linen, Calligraphy, Signage, Invitation Suite: @letterandink, Chocolate Favors: @myfavoritesweetsfavors, Model: @msdevonbarnes Silk Ribbon: @heyitsohsopretty

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