Your Investment Starts Here

We’d like to start by letting you know that every proposal is 100% personalized to our clients needs, we never want you to unnecessarily pay for things that you don’t want, and since every event requires unique needs, we don’t have packages. But, because we know how important pricing is to our clients, we’d like to share some information to help guide you on what price range fit your wedding/event’s size. If you are unsure of what your floral investment should be, it is often suggested that you allow 10-30% of your budget depending on how lush or elaborate your floral dreams are. Our average wedding/event floral budgets start at $4500 for a smaller, 75-100 guest event; $4500-6500+ for an average, 125-150 guest event; $6000-9500+, for moderate, 150-175 guest event; and go up from there. But all events are truly different and vary in price. We have a $3000 minimum, but have exceptions for bouquets only, elopements, last minute events and memorials.…just ask!

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The Royal Bee Process

Step 1

Check your date  

Click here to connect with us and see if your wedding/event date is available.

We’ll confirm whether we have availability and if so, send you a link to a detailed form for you to fill out with an inspiration board or Pinterest link attached. We will also book a phone consultation.

Step 2

Phone consultation

We’ll get to know each other, and chat about your vision for your wedding/event florals and decor details, going through photos and floral items, potential rentals and style ideas, and partner to co-create a plan to bring your vision to life. During which I will create a Pinterest Board for just the two of us to share ideas throughout the process. This will help guide me in creating an accurate proposal and your perfect wedding or event!

Step 3

Written proposal

Within a few days after our consultation, I’ll send over a written proposal filled with inspirational photos and notes for you to review and sign. The proposal is not set in stone, edits can be made after signature so no worries, you don't have to know everything right away. Payment is as follows and retainer is due within 3 days of signature.

  • 30% Retainer to hold your date and book me as your floral designer

  • 35% Approx. four weeks before the wedding/event

  • 35% Approx. two weeks before the wedding/event

We do have early signing incentives, given within 24 hours of receiving proposal for booking. 

Step 4



Final Meeting

We will have lots of communication, and idea building if needed throughout the months leading up to your wedding/event. We have one last meet up/phone chat or venue walk through (if needed), 3-5 weeks prior to your big day, to go over all of the minutia to make sure everything is just perfect. 

Step 5

Take a spa day and rest easy...

knowing that your florals will arrive at your event looking every bit as gorgeous as
you have dreamed up, if not even more so.


What’s the payment schedule?

I am very flexible, and am open to a customized schedule that works best for you. I’ve had Brides make payment each month, and some pay all up front. If you would like something customized to your needs just ask! All I do require, is that the minimum amounts are paid by the due dates outlined below:

  • 30% retainer to block out your date, due at most 3 days after signing contract

  • 35% Approx. four weeks before your event (see proposal for exact date)

  • 35% Approx. two weeks before your event (see proposal for exact date)

What happens if we need to make some cuts?

I’m super flexible and will cut out up to 25% (give or take) up to 4 weeks of the event date if needed, and adding as much to the proposal as you’d like. This should cover any RSVP centerpiece changes or other minor changes. The 25% is based on the first signed proposal amount, so we can build a smaller proposal to initially book and add more later if that’s makes you more comfortable. I do however have a $3,000 minimum (with occasional exceptions), this minimum must be met, so in the case of an exception, or an event that nears that minimum, cuts cannot drop below said cost. I will however change around the floral order so we can accommodate any changes made to the table count or decor.

Do I keep the flowers after the wedding?

Yes, if you’ve purchased the vases, then they are all yours, if vase were rented I must return to pick up vases at the end of the wedding. I charge a strike fee (differs depending on location) to come back and clean up. If there are rentals this fee is mandatory and I take all rental pieces and leftover florals inside of them. feel free to discuss with me alternate options so your guests, or you, can keep the florals.

Can we use in season and local flowers to save money?

It might be surprising, but most flower prices don’t fluctuate too much even when they aren’t local, and if we only used local flowers the options would diminish greatly. But yes it is common to use flowers that are in season, and I LOVE to buy local. Quality flowers are expensive, local or from abroad.

Can I show you photos of flowers I like?

Absolutely! As part of the initial consultation I MUST see photos to understand your vision. We can share photos via email, and I set up a Pinterest board for each wedding or event to help us both come up with ideas. Check out our Pinterest here.

Do you do florals for other kinds of events?

Yes! We also do florals for memorials and love knowing we’re helping someone make such a sad, yet important day more beautiful. We are also open to designing other selected events as available, and would love to work with you to create an incredible atmosphere for your gala, store opening, birthday extravaganza, or any event you want to beautify with flowers.

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Janell G.

I Loved Working With Jess!

Jess was so resourceful and open to my thoughts as we were planning for our wedding. I had a fairly tight budget and didn't always know how much we'd be able to do, but she worked with me to lay out a couple different scenarios so I felt sure we'd have the floral pieces I was most excited about even if we couldn't include every single idea we came up with. She knew the name of every flower I found a picture of on Pinterest and Instagram, and what colors they did and didn't come in, and she kept in touch at all times to let me know if we needed to adjust our selections. Even with some pretty hefty hardware involved, and other table layout miscommunications, she had everything in place right on time the day of, with no questions asked. I felt confident from our first conversation that she'd stay in tune with what I was looking for, and it was so fun to have her help and input, and to be able to rely on her as I was putting the wedding together…read more

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